UR Språkplay adds a new universe of fantastic educational programs to the Språkkraft concept family. No need to install anything because this is a web app.

Find it here: www.ur.se/sprakplay

What is UR Språkplay?

UR Språkplay is a language support for those who want to practice their Swedish or improve your Swedish skill level. When you watch programs from UR Skola they are enhanced with interactive subtitles with support to 18 different immigrant languages.

Interactive language support

With UR Språkplay, learning Swedish is fast, easy and efficient. You can watch your favourite UR Skola programs and read the text in Swedish with the help of our integrated language support to 18 languages. If there is a word you do not understand, tap on it and see the translation.

Personal Learning Profile

While reading you will find the words marked in the three following colors:

User should know these words

User should learn these words now, while

User can learn them later

Once you know a word, tap on it and change its color status to Green. This will reflect on your personal learning profile which will help you go to higher levels (A1, A2, B1, B1, C1, C2).

Use ur språkplay app to learn swedish language because you can:

Learn Swedish through watching your favourite UR programs.

Watch almost all UR Skola’s programs with Swedish interactive subtitles.

Monitor your progress and learned vocabulary through one’s Personal Learning Profile.